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Chlausenegg, Lake Zug

Perfect for technical training, easy access via a ladder. The steep wall starts at 1 meter and continues to 20 meters, with 2 steps, one at 5 and one at 15 meters. At 20 meters, the bottom begins to drop at an angle of 45 degrees to 40 meters. From 40 meters another rock face begins, which reaches up to 70 meters. In the direction of Zug there is a big tree at about 40 metres, be aware of its branches (danger of entanglement!).

Baumgaertli, Lake Zug

Another good example of a perfect dive site. Parking is abundant and a restaurant is nearby. Entry is via stone steps, diving to the right, a gently sloping wall can be used for diving at all depths. In shallow water there are many living beings, so that the decompression stops at 9, 6 and 3 meters are not boring at all.

Riedsort, Weggis, Lake Lucerne

The water can be entered either on the left or right via ladders. Diving is not allowed in the middle, as this is a boating zone. At the left entrance there is a big rock at 6 meters and makes this side the perfect training dive site. Diving on the right side is typical for diving in Switzerland: a steep wall that reaches up to at least 60 metres.

Plage de Boudry, Lake Neuchâtel

An ideal place for basic training, but also for advanced courses. At about 40 meters a white shark of about 2 meters length awaits the diver - made of plastic. The ground is a combination of limestone, sand and clay and is home to many plants and fish.

Twann Strandbad, Lake Biel

Nice and shallow (max. 30 meters) practicing area, easy to park and get into the water via stone steps. In the water there is a wreck and a platform and in the shallower parts there are many fish at any time in the year.

Gunten bad, Lake Thun

As the name suggests: in winter a nice dive site, in summer a swimming pool. Diving is prohibited between 15 May and 15 October. Very good for putting on diving equipment. From a depth of about 15 meters, large "terraces" can be used for diving training, the depth ranges up to 50 meters and more.

Enteneck, Lake Thun

Very interesting underwater landscape: old poles, hills, large stone blocks, steep walls and two canyons, making it a nice place for deeper diving.

Rheinau, toll bridge

A shallow dive site. Limited open water, clear and warm with a little current, which makes visibility even better. Exactly 10 meters deep in the middle and with optimal parking possibilities.

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