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CCR Kurse

The intention of CCR (Closed Circuit Rebreather) diving is to remove the limiting factor of the respiratory gas from the equation. As the word "re-breather" already implies: The gas is re-breathed, CO2 is removed and fresh oxygen is added. With this technology, dives can be extended almost endlessly in length and depth, which is not possible with open-circuit technology.


The CCR program is designed to provide divers with the training necessary to plan and conduct decompression dives up to a depth of 100 meters using a CCR device and various stages for bail-out purposes.


This program offers the necessary knowledge and skills to independently plan and conduct CCR dives up to a maximum depth of 30 meters (without decompression) with a buddy of corresponding level of certification. This CCR beginner program introduces you to the training techniques and skills of CCR units. After completing this program you will receive CCR Diving certification.


The CCR Extended Range Diving program qualifies you to dive to depths up to 40 meters using air or to depths up to 45 meters using Trimix as a diluent. The maximum decompression time must not exceed 25 minutes. After completing this program, you will receive CCR Extended Range certification.


This program will train you to plan and conduct unlimited decompression dives to a depth of 60 meters using a CCR unit and various stage tanks for bail-outs, independently with an equally highly qualified Dive Buddy. After completing this program you will receive CCR Technical Extended Range certification.

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